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E&O Risk Management

              E&O Operational Efficiency Reviews (E&O Audits)

SwissRe/Westport provides a five year 10% premium credit for completion and compliance with the Review Program. The Moberg Group, specialists in agency management, operations, procedures, E&O loss control, and agency acquisitions & mergers are available to perform the reviews

TMG has performed over 2000 Operational Efficiency Reviews (E&O Audits) over the past 30+ years and we would love the opportunity to work with you to provide an E&O Audit.

Beginning January 1, 2020 all Operational Efficiency Reviews are required to include an agency website review for a total potential audit credit of 15%.  Combined with a 10% Risk Management credit your agency could earn a total of 25% in premium savings.  

  • Become more profitable
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase sales
  • Improve use of automation
  • Retain better employees
  • Reduce E&O exposure

Operational Efficiency Review Agenda:
Initial On-Site Review:
  • Focus on people & processes
  • All Areas are reviewed
  • Action plan tailored for your agency
  • Time-table established
Ongoing Assistance:
  • Help with procedures, tools and advice
Follow-up Review (6 months)
  • Focus plan & time-tables
  • Review and adjustment of original plan


"During our initial consideration of the E&O audit, we had concerns as to the value that might be realized by having the E&O audit completed. However, we were pleased with the final result of the audit, the way the audit was conducted and the value we received from Eric’s outstanding ability to recognize where potential E&O claims may occur and recommending what preventive action should be taken. As part of the audit, Eric met with each associate learning
our internal procedures, and provided management documentation to review for implementation."


Neil Annas, President

Granite Insurance Agency Granite Falls, NC

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