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Information Security

The Moberg Group in partnership with TCOR Management provides practical solutions to help our clients reduce the risk and impact of data breach events. As risk management consulting firms, we understand the challenges and risk in protecting your agency's information and being in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, such as GLBA and HIPAA/HITECH. 


Our partnership allows us to uniquely leverage our expertise in our respective risk specialties to provide you with the services, support, and expertise your agency needs to help lower your business risk when it comes to protecting your business information. 


The Moberg Group & TCOR Management partnership offers the following services:


Security Risk Analysis Services

  • Security policy

  • Physical Security

  • Information and data accessibility

  • Application Security

  • Employee Security Awareness

  • Executive level report on critical risk exposures and mitigation recommendations (meets HIPAA risk analysis documentation needs)


Remediation Services

  • Polices plans and procedures development (meets HIPAA & HITECH requirements) and includes:

  • Information Security Policy

  • Data Breach Policy & Response Plan

  • Business Continuity Policy & Plan

  • Employee Security Awareness Training Program development

  • Business Associate Agreement development


Security Program Implementation Service

  • Assistance and guidance with the implementation of remediation services

  • Assistance and guidance with the implementation of mitigation services to include updates on regulation and policy changes



Risk is inherent in business. Those businesses that manage risk succeed and fourish; those that don't, flounder and fail. The Moberg Group, in partnership with TCOR, believes that sound risk management requires an enterprise-wise approach that integrates innovative yet sound risk management methods into all aspects of business from human resources to operations to asset management. 


  • Information Asset Protection

  • Security HIPAA Information

  • Data breach prevention and planning

  • Employee training & education

Proactivity versus reactivity in security planning is a key
aspect of effective risk management and control

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